Our mission is to give our best contribution in health in the Repubblic of Maldives, providing an european level of medical care for every patient, local or tourist in Hulhumale. 

Through our efficient Ambulatory  , totally equipped by all the necessary medical supplies of the latest generation, we reach to provide the best medical assistance and first aid directly to the maldivian affiliated Resorts. 

With our qualified medical equipe, we will provide a real efficient care service as the european Level. 

European Clinic Maldives operates in the constant pursuit of quality service and excellence.  Our focus is to satisfy our patiens's thanks to our flexibility, elasticity and collaboration.  

European Clinic Maldives is also able to customize the suitable to the clinical protocol so as to combine maximum safety and reliability. 

We are also able to implement new on demand and technical solutions, also by telemedicine if necessary.


European Clinic Maldives is a New Medical Centre, with European Doctors and the latest medical devices, to provide an european standard of medical care for our patients, always respecting people's cultural and personal context. 

Our Clinic is oriented to the highest quality standards through the use of continuous investments, aimed to increase the accuracy and precision in the execution and management of clinics and Doctors’ offices.